Sage X3- Periodic Processing of Inventory Valuation

There are scenarios where user is doing Inventory movements with various Inventory

transactions but cannot trace the same in the accounting journals even after all the transactions are posted.

This post explains how the various stock movements such as Sales, Purchase, Receipt, etc. can be seen posted to accounting.

When user creates a Sales Invoice for particular product in Sage X3 and has posted it

successfully then the journal that’s getting created in Accounting Financials is for that particular Sales Invoice only i.e. only the Customer’s Account and Sales account gets reflected, there won’t be any journals with Inventory account or Cost of Goods Sold[COGS] account.

So in this scenario where the one needs to get the Stock Journals to be created after doing any transactions in Sage X3 you just need to follow the below few steps

  1. First navigate to Inventory -> Periodic Processing -> Valuation -> Account. Interface
  2. Enter the Processing Date with which the user needs to process the transactions that are posted till this date.
  3. Enter Financial Site for which the user needs to process the transactions. If it is blank then transactions for all the sites are considered.
  4. Click on OK button.

There you go and check the financials where you can find the inventory affect.