Sage X3- How to secure MongoDb

We can achieve this functionality by using below steps:

Uninstall mongodb re-install MongoDB with SSL certificate checkbox checked. This will generate “client.pem” file to secure MongoDB access.

Re-install MongoDB service

After re-installation of MongoDB, “Client.pem” file will generate in D:\Sage\Syracuse\syracuse\certs\mongodb(In this case I have install mongodb in D drive)


Path of client.pem file

Now to secure mongodb download and install Robomongo tool.

After installation below screen will display.Go to file > Connect.


Connect to robomongo

After click on create button MongoDb connection screen will display.Click on create button.

After click on create button below screen will display.create a connection by using required details.(refer below screenshot).

Robomongo set-up screen

Select a client.pem file which we have generated before and enter the passphrase of syracuse user.Then click on test button.If all the data user have entered is correct then below window will pop-up.

Test connection screen

Now click on save button and then click on connect button.After user click on create button click on create button it will ask for passphrase(Enter the passphrase of syracuse user).It will ask everytime whenever user tries to connect.(Refer below screenshot)

secured MongoDb service

This way you have secured MongoDb service.