Sage X3- How to Merge Business Partners (BP)

Sage X3 provides BP Merge functionality which allows two BP accounts to be merged together, which will automatically transfer all the transactions/balances from one BP to another.

The BP Merge function can be used to transfer postings related to a Business Partner (Source) to another Business Partner (Destination).

Below are two examples of a customer inquiry for two different Business partners, prior to using the BP Merge function.

Navigation: Common Data → Customer → BP situation (right list)

Business Partner 1:

Business Partner 2:

Now we will merge the balances of both customers to a single account:


  • Navigate to Financials → Utilities → Miscellaneous → BP Merge


  • Select the company and site criteria.
  • Transactions related to the above specified criteria will be merged.

Source BP- Is the BP for which you want to transfer the transactions FROM

Destination BP- Is the BP for which you want to transfer the transactions TO.

  • Click ‘Ok’.
  • System generates Log for after successful operation. If there is any issue during the process it is traced in the log.